Getting your health back into shape

Life is a blessing and to enjoy it to the fullest extent you need to have perfect physical and mental health. You might own a luxury car, a perfect house on a beach, a couple of young and lively kids but if you are not healthy all these blessings are useless. Obesity is an enemy of your happiness. You can save yourself from several diseases by reducing body weight.

Prevention against osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis is also considered a sign of growing old.  Have you ever wondered why elderly people lose centimeters of height? One of the most common reasons is due to loss of calcium that accompanies the decrease of estrogen during menopause. Osteoporosis is a health condition that all women need to be aware of. This disease can increase the chances of fractures and breaks of bones by a number of times. Exercise, being the best weight loss method, when done regularly greatly diminishes the risk of this disease. Anaerobic exercises are best to reduce this risk.

Reducing chances of infections:

Moderate exercise temporarily speeds up your immune system, increasing the aggressiveness or ability of the immune system to combat disease and infections. Better immunity means more protection against infections, bacteria and viruses. This may explain why people who exercise are less prone to viral infections. On the other hand if you are obese even those organisms that are part of your normal flora will start causing disease. That is why complications are more common among obese people.

Protection against heart attacks:

Exercise not only increases HDL cholesterol the "good" kind and encourages low blood pressure, but new research shows that it also plays a part in reducing arterial inflammation, another risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. Your coronary vessels stay open and chances of heart attach are decreased by several fold.

Prevention against diabetes mellitus:

Type II diabetes mellitus is considered a disease of obese people. Obesity decreases the sensitivity of body cells to insulin thus glucose start to accumulate in blood. You can not only prevent diabetes mellitus but can even get rid of its medication if you are already suffering from it. Ideal body weight will ensure that you have an excellent body metabolism. Good metabolism of carbohydrates, both glycogen and starch, will make sure that you diabetes and its complication will stay away from you.

Why Exercise Is Important To Be Healthy

Exercise is a very important activity for your body – not only for maintaining a good weight but also for all round health and well-being. Doctors say that exercises are necessary in order to prevent diseases that are related to obesity or weight gain. Exercises can be performed at home as well as in gyms or fitness centers.

Many people are not aware that simple household chores performed in your home can also become a part of an exercise routine. You can walk, dance or jog. You can swim, throw balls or just run with your kids in the park. Your goal is to sweat and burn off some calories. This way, you not only maintain a good figure but also keep yourself free from illness. However, your exercises will have to be accompanied by a healthy diet.

Exercise and its health benefits

Daily workouts are prescribed for a healthy heart. Exercise will pump more oxygen in your blood, thus improving the blood circulation in your system. You will have a healthier heart that will be safe from heart attacks.

  • Exercises are said to improve blood flow in the arteries, thus preventing constriction in the blood vessels. This will normalize your blood pressure to prevent hypertension or stroke.
  • With exercise, you burn excess calories such that the level of glucose or sugar in your blood is controlled. This will help in warding off diabetes.
  • Cholesterol levels, particularly the bad cholesterol, are also controlled if you get involved in exercises. Thus, you will have another reason for healthier heart.
  • Exercises are found to reduce risk of cancer, especially colon cancer. With exercise movements, you also move out the toxins as they are flushed out from your intestines.
  • When you exercise, you sweat. This is another way of releasing toxins out of your system.